Thinkie Inc Announces Partnership with The Bellettini.

Mia Heck
December 7, 2023
Bellevue’s Bellettini provides residents Thinkie to improve cognitive health.

Thinkie Inc announces official partnership with MBK Senior Living’s The Bellettini, an exceptional independent and assisted living community. The new partnership will allow for expanded use of Thinkie brain games and help users maintain their independence and mental sharpness as long as possible. 

“We are thrilled Thinkie will be part of MBK’s Mind +Body Wellness program and available for all Bellettini residents to use and enjoy,” said Kota Ageiwa, CEO of Thinkie Inc. “We believe The Bellettini is the perfect environment to benefit individuals who want to prioritize improvement in their cognitive wellness over time.” 

The Thinkie system is a complete brain measurement and training program that is fun and easy to use. The system consists of a cloth headband that contains the Thinkie ultra-compact sensor, along with Bluetooth technology to provide the user with their visual brain activity feedback in real-time using a color spectrum. The Thinkie “brain training” system is thefirst user-friendly system that gives essential visual feedback in real-time. 

“Our residents are consistently looking for opportunities to engage their lifestyle, their well-being, their own fitness, and fitness can mean physical, mental, and cognitive,” said Brian Prouty, Executive Director of The Bellettini. “Thinkie fits right into the opportunity to stimulate their minds, engage with friends, and test their own boundaries. It’s a fantastic outlet for all our residents” 

MBK Senior Living places great emphasis on resident wellness, innovation, and on leveraging technology and connectivity in a waythat assists both residents and their family members. The Thinkie system is designed to nurture Bellettini residents’ brain health, keeping them engaged.  

Since the Spring of 2023, The Bellettini has been one of two Seattle area senior living community Thinkie brain training system pilot projects. The pilots have provided older adults with first-hand access to the Thinkie brain training system, while also providing direct feedback to the product’s developers. The Thinkie team is pleased to build on our recent work and confirm a longer-term partnership. 

The Thinkie brain game system is the result of years of scientific research and development developed by Dr. Kawashima, the renowned brain scientist who worked on the brain age puzzle games on the Nintendo gaming system. The games allow any individual, but especially older adults, to improve and maintain their cognitive health over time. Our pilot programs and now formal partnership with The Bellettini will continue to inform the development of this cognitive improvement technology. 

Contact Thinkie Inc for more information about opportunities to incorporate the Thinkie system into senior living wellness programs.


About Thinkie® Inc

Thinkie® Inc is the leading provider of brain activity measurement and visual feedback training based on fNIRS technology. The Thinkie system offers anyone an easy and meaningful brain wellness program that is both science-based and engaging to use.

Founded in 2023 by Mitsui & Co., Ltd., and headquartered in Seattle, WA, the company's advisors include Dr. Ryuta Kawashima, who developed successful brain training games for Nintendo, and Kiyoshi Hasegawa, the former director of Hitachi's consumer fNIRS business.

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