Set your organization apart with innovative brain training

Thinkie is a key part of your wellness program that provides residents with engaging mental exercises and real-time feedback to assist with their cognition and brain age rejuvenation.

• Differentiate your community by providing a cutting-edge system that can enable brain age rejuvenation

• Distinctive brain training games that display immediate results to keep residents motivated and engaged

• The market’s first real-time visual feedback via a unique, wearable sensor

• We provide a complete solution that’s easy to implement, fun to use, and adapts to each individual resident

Turnkey for communities and residents

We provide everything you need to easily set up residents on Thinkie. Our offering includes our lightweight wearable technology and a tablet preloaded with our brain training app and games. Each user has their own account so they can privately track their progress and choose the games that are best for them. And our team is always available to assist with any questions or help you need.

See Support Thinkie Provides for the materials and assistance we furnish to make you and your community successful with our system.


Brain training improves “brain age”

The human brain possesses an incredible capacity for learning and adaptation at any age. Scientific studies confirm that higher brain activity leads to an improvement in cognitive function. By stimulating the prefrontal cortex – which impacts problem-solving, memory, and decision making – people well into their 80s and 90s can significantly improve their brain function.

The impact can be seen in as little as three months and typically improves with consistent use. We built Thinkie based on these scientific findings.

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