Brain training that’s fun and innovative

Stronger mental acuity through engaging games - with real-time, easy-to-track visual results

Thinkie is a cutting-edge mental training system that use games to enable brain age rejuvenation. We provide a complete solution that’s easy to use, fun and adapts to each individual’s results. As a key element of your cognitive wellness, Thinkie helps you gain and maintain mental sharpness.

A tablet with the Thinkie app screen pulled up to select a game to play

Improve your “brain age”

Games created and rigorously tested by neuroscientists focused on mental speed, memory, concentration and more.

These days, everyone is looking for ways to stay mentally sharp. Although there are many options available, science and clinical evidence point to specific types of exercises that have a measurable impact on your brain’s capabilities. Thinkie is built using the principles behind these studies, with measurable differences seen in a short time. Even greater mental progress is typically seen with consistent, on-going use.

What Our Users Say

Brian Prouty
“Thinkie fits right into the opportunity to stimulate residents’ minds, engage with friends, and test their own boundaries. It’s a fantastic outlet for all our residents.”

Brian Prouty

Executive Director, The Bellettini

Dr. Bianca P. Acevedo
“Through use of a wider variety of games, users may remain challenged longer and therefore continue cognitive and other improvements.”

Dr. Bianca P. Acevedo, PhD

Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences, University of California Santa Barbara

"It’s about working out your brain. It’s kind of like yoga. It’s not the event, it’s the journey."

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Theresa Villeneuve

Want to Know How Thinkie Works?

Challenge your brain and track your progress with the industry's first real-time, visual results.

The Thinkie app offers a broad range of games specifically designed to engage you and help keep your brain active and alert. You can track your progress with our “Brain Meter” that provides immediate input through an easy-to-use system displaying colors to show level of brain activity. The results provide individualized information for your on-going training.

Thinkie is built with fNIRS (Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy), which measures your brain activity through our special headband. Our design is guided by nearly 3 decades of research and development, all packaged into a brain training regimen that will help you stay cognitively sharp.

Brain meter - Thinkie app
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