Cognitive Playground series: Number Tap and Symbol Tap

Nick White
July 10, 2024
Thinkie's Symbol Tap and Number Tap brain training games are designed to increase mental speed, helping you complete daily tasks more efficiently and make faster decisions.

About Number Tap and Symbol Tap

Both of these games have been designed by neuroscientists specifically to enhance various cognitive skills such as:

  • Processing speed: As the game progresses, you must process the symbol or number order more quickly to maintain Brain Meter level
  • Short-term memory: both games, Symbol Tap especially, challenge your ability to retain information over short periods
  • Attention to detail: You must pay close attention to the symbols or numbers and their order
A screenshot of Number Tap game.

Tips for Success in Symbol Tap and Number Tap:

  • Concentrate: Focus intently on the symbols when they are displayed. Avoid distractions to improve your memorization of the sequence.
  • Practice: The more you play, the better your memory and concentration should become. Remember that for all Thinkie games, regular practice is the key.
A user playing Symbol Tap game.

Other games to explore

Thinkie’s brain training games stimulate executive brain functions such as mental speed, memory, attention, prediction, concentration, and inhibition. Some of the best brain games for memory improvement include Symbolic Recall, Animal Nickname, and Number Recall. These games involve remembering and updating information from two different streams of stimuli, such as pairing visual stimuli with auditory stimuli. They challenge working memory and attentional control processes, leading to improvements in focus and attention switching.

On the other hand, games like Symbol Tap, Random Number Order, and Flash Number exercise the user's concentration. Players must quickly identify and respond to a target stimulus while ignoring irrelevant ones.

All Thinkie games present a gradual increase in difficulty to avoid habituation and ensure you are consistently challenged. This gradual increase in difficulty requires players to sustain their attention and focus for longer periods of time. Increased cognitive demand challenges the brain’s ability to maintain attentional control and resist distractions, leading to further improvements in focus and concentration.

Real-time changes in brain activity are displayed using real-time color changes on-screen.

Thinkie is unique in that the user is provided real-time feedback on their level of brain activity during both types of games. Users receive immediate visual feedback on their brain activity via the Thinkie sensor. These changes in brain activity are reflected through color changes: Warmer colors indicate higher brain activity, which translates to higher Thinkie Points. Cooler colors such as blue indicate a lower level of brain activity.

Real-time visual feedback combined with the adaptive nature of Thinkie games allows users to gauge their brain training effort and track long-term progress toward improved cognitive health. Having been designed by neuroscientists and subjected to decades of extensive real-world testing, both real-time visual feedback and adaptive gameplay are intended to motivate players to maintain their focus and continue practicing regularly.

Check out this step-by-step guide to learn how to get the most out of Thinkie.

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