Boost Your Brain Vitality: A Step-by-Step Guide to Thinkie

Nick White
April 18, 2024
4 steps to maximizing your Thinkie experience.
Thinkie has created a streamlined process to quickly unlock your cognitive capabilities and get the most out of your brain training.
4 steps to maximize your Thinkie experience.

When you’re ready to embark on a transformative journey that will elevate your brain health and sharpen your mental edge, Thinkie's scientifically backed brain training system will be ready and waiting.

We’ve created a streamlined process to unlock your cognitive capabilities and quickly get the most out of Thinkie.

Step 1: Hit Your Daily and Monthly Goals

It is important to establish a regular and consistent training routine. We suggest you aim to use Thinkie:

• 5-10 minutes per day

• 3 days per week

• For at least 30 days

With these guidelines in mind, we’ve set a daily Thinkie point target of 270 for each user. Think of this target as akin to step goal, like you would with an exercise device, only aimed at mental fitness. Consistently reaching 270 daily Thinkie points is ideal. However, life happens, and we all get sidetracked from time to time. In that case, we suggest shifting your focus to the monthly goal of 8,370 Thinkie points should you miss a day here or there. Maintaining as regular a routine as possible activates the brain's potential and maintains the cognitive benefits you’ve already attained.

Step 2: Maximize Your Brain Training

・Watch for background color change

During gameplay, keep an eye on the "Brain Meter" area, which visually depicts your brain’s activity in real time. Give maximum mental effort and concentration to the exercises -- the harder you concentrate, the more you engage your brain. Elevated intensity triggers warm color cues, which indicate heightened brain activity levels. The screen’s background will change according to your level of effort and the Brain Meter will increase accordingly.

Thinkie's background color changes as you exert more cognitive effort.

 ・Let Thinkie raise the bar

As you become better at a particular game, that game will slightly increase in difficulty to keep challenging you and thus increase your brain’s activity. Don’t worry, this is done on purpose.

Dr. Kawashima, world-renowned neuroscientist and developer of the Thinkie brain games, says,

My research shows speed with accuracy is more effective than complexity. The games seem simple, but they are not. They are designed by neuroscientists who study what activities lead to more blood flow to the brain, and therefore work the brain more. Although it seems counterintuitive, simpler games are more effective for users of any age.
The harder you work your brain, the greater the Brain Meter reading.

Step 3: Check Your Cognitive Progress Monthly

We recommend starting with a Brain Age score when you first start using Thinkie. From there, do a "Brain Age Check" once per month to measure changes in your brain’s cognitive function. Obtaining this cognitive score from the start enables Thinkie to calculate improvements in your brain age as you train over time.

Brain age is not a medical assessment, but it acts as a good indicator to understand your brain’s state of health. Seeing your brain's progress will motivate you all the more!

Step 4:  Focus on Long-Term Brain Health Goals

There are multiple science-based studies indicating a correlation between increased brain activity in the prefrontal cortex and improved cognition.*

Activating and exercising your prefrontal cortex through consistent Thinkie brain training will help you enhance your cognitive aptitude and combat age-related cognitive decline. The categories of cognitive function that

Thinkie is designed to improve are:

• mental speed

• memory

• concentration

• prediction

• attention

By incorporating this step-by-step training sequence, you'll maximize Thinkie's potential to rewind your brain age and future-proof your mental abilities. Keep at it, and you’ll experience firsthand the power of this breakthrough in cognitive health.

Learn More About Thinkie

To deeply understand Thinkie's unique brain exercises approach, read the latest research and watch our YouTube video.

*Matsuzaki Y, Nouchi R, Sakaki K, Dinet J, Kawashima R. The Effect of Cognitive Training with Neurofeedback on Cognitive Function in Healthy Adults: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Healthcare (Basel). 2023 Mar 13;11(6):843. doi: 10.3390/healthcare11060843. PMID: 36981504; PMCID: PMC10048721.

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